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Megan had the unique experience of being raised in hotels, instilling in her a deep commercial appreciation and ambition for excellence and growth. Today, Megan is a senior advisor, board director and international keynote speaker, who has recently launched Blog-ish - weekly business insights and observations with the ultimate intention of revealing opportunities and the joy in business. Megan is a long-standing advocate for finding joy in whatever you choose to do. Renowned for her energetic, bold and fresh thinking and having worked across a spectrum of industries internationally, Megan balances commerciality with creativity, clarity with complexity, technology with empathy and IQ with EQ. Bolstered by what she has come to call "constructive anarchy", Megan challenges the status quo and informs and influences positive change within businesses.   


Photography by Marija Ivkovic 

"Creatively brilliant and a pleasure to work with, Megan brings to the table a way of thinking that is un-corporate.
She challenges you to think like a disrupter and will scare the bejeezus out of you if you think good enough is okay." 

Natalie Truong, Partner, CMO,
Mercer Asia Pacific