Megan Quinn, Advisor, Blogger

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Disruptive thinker and thought leader. Global game-changer. International brand expert. 

Long before it was considered “cool” Megan was developing and building her hybrid career, across hemispheres, industries, disciplines and decades. Because of opportunities offered and created, she is internationally recognised for her bold, entrepreneurial, empathetic thought leadership. Named a global game-changer, Megan was a co-founder of Net-A-Porter, the world's premier online luxury retailer, and has since worked with successful start-ups and leading internationally listed and private companies. Megan is unashamedly passionate about the customer and nuanced business excellence. Her curiosity and integrity continue to create her enduring legacy. 

Here, Megan invites you to dive into the insights and experiences within her blog, Blog-ish, to engage her in supporting your business endeavours, and to enrol in upcoming Masterclasses. 

"No matter the change, no matter what technological advancements,
humans and how we relate to them and how we make them feel will always prevail."